well here i am in sunny tokyo – cold, but bright – the journey is over 11 hours long and with a 9 hour time difference, the journey really takes it out of you.  i took the homeopathic jet lag mix from ainsworth, on boarding the plane and throughout, and the natural sleeping aid – seretone 5htp, but still woke up in the middle of the night!  my friend also gave me this vitamin C sachets, which contain minerals and electrolytes to rehydrate you, and told me to sip it all through the plane journey.  I guess there is no real remedy, flying across the world is a shock to the body.

this is a treat trip for both my girls – its maude’s first time to Japan, but I haven’t been for over 20 years.  we chose this time to avoid exams this year and also because our super best friend Yuki happened to be there and available to show us around!  so it was straight out to asakusa – for lunch in a recommended soba noodle restaurant .  difficult to put the names of the restaurants, but if you get out at asakusa metro, there is a big temple and on the road to the temple is the noodle restaurant – there is always a queue outside and next door is a beautiful kimono shop – worth queuing just to see the beautiful girls coming out in their stunning kimonos together with styled hair and make up – put our trainers and modern clothes to shame .   after take a walk around the temple, get your fortune and do your souvenir purchases;  its very touristy, but there are still lots of traditional stalls – beautiful carved combs, tortoise shell hair clips (not v pc),  homemade sweets –  the more you walk away from the temple, the less tourist the shops become and are more traditional crafts items.   if you continue down the road, you then reach all the catering shops for all the restaurants, and then you can buy amazing useful japanese kitchen items.   thank goodness we were still in jet lag mode, cos nobody felt like buying anything – yet…….



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