local shops

i am so upset to lose my essential shops in our high street, the little kitchen useful utility shop – its where i bought my enamelled baking dishes, duralex glasses and general cleaning products, which has been there for many years, and my stationers –  both in the last month.   i now see a shop to let sign above the pet shop, so i am sure that is the next amenity to go.  i am sure that another swathe of estate agents or pound shops will open in their place   the  only plus has been the addition of waitrose, tri yoga, and parkway greens – apparently landlords have upped the rent so much, individual shopkeepers just can’t sustain the high street.   my best local shop is the portugese shop on the corner of delancey and albert street – it stocks the best dried baby figs and portugese custard natas and are so friendly – long may it remain.

Marais Dress_0286 Marie Antoinette Dress_0182


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