location houses

worked in two very different locations this month – one characterful and quirky with years of peeling wallpaper and the other mid century retro.   location websites are great sources for design ideas – you get the choice of so many styles, all in one website.  it does mean that i come home bombarded with ideas and  constantly wanting to change my decor,  i am just in the process of redecorating my bedroom, which has not been painted for over 15 years!   so its back to paint colour charts again.  we thought about stripping back the lining paper, but apparently this can lead to discovering lots of faults – i guess lining paper covers a multitude of sins, and if you strip back, you may have to  replaster again – this can be costly.  did you know that you can buy paint that mimics this old venetian plastering style?

_MG_0025_0044 _MG_0019_0038 Lurex Cardi & Full Moon Skirt_1264 Wonder Dress_1197  Terellick Top & Tartan Skirt_0765_1



One thought on “location houses

  1. I am increasingly drawn to Mid Century architecture and furniture. Am looking to move, and thankfully there are a lot of these houses in SE London to have a look at tha I have purchased a set of G Plan dining chairs a few years ago and also a coffee table. They go well with my Victorian pieces.


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