scottsborough boys

call the midwife, australian kids.

went to see the scottsboro boys – its a musical, but quite unsettling in that it addresses the appalling injustice and racial discrimination of a group of young boys in the 1930’s in the deep south of America, but is set around an hour and half of uplifting dance, song and black humour.  What i love with these productions is the awareness of serious issues to a wider audience.   on another issue, i cried at the end of this week’s call the midwife – to think that it was only 50 years ago that children were living in such bad circumstances, and even more so when i heard the story about how we shipped them off to Australia in search of better lives, but most of them ended up as cheap labour – and to think that this continued for several years.   our children today have so much more awareness, and yet we still live with threat to our freedom of speech and thought.





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