nells jazz and blues

we recently saw Van Morrison in this new jazz club, Nell’s jazz & blues in west london – it was a lovely venue to see a band, quite like ronnie scotts – more intimate and enjoyable.  i have to confess that  i didn’t know much about van morrison’s music and this year i have seen him twice and thought he was brilliant.  i guess that i was lucky as both times he was not so grumpy – people had warned me that he can be difficult on stage.

you can’t beat being in soho, just opposite ronnie scotts is ceviche  peruvian restaurant – bob had heard great things about this restaurant, but i didnt think that the food was great –  its definitely a fun, noisy, tapas style sharing place for young people though.   after a cappuccino in the great bar italia, (so atmospheric makes you feel that you are in italy as you stand by the bar watching italian tv),  pop into the bar upstairs at ronnie scotts to listen to some impromptu jazz – wednesday evenings is great, anyone can turn up and join in the jazz session, whether you are a new budding saxophonist or an experienced dab hand at the piano – apparently some of the famous musicians have been known to join in after their gig downstairs.   its a great place for all ages.


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