halfway film

i couldn’t help but feel emotional for Daisy, she has been a long term friend of my daughter alice and to hear about her predicament was very moving.   we think of homeless people as being those who have ruined their own lives, those who are drunkards or drug abusers or gamblers – what we dont hear is the sheer truth that life is expensive and accommodation out of most people’s reach.  we talk about how lucky our houses have increased in value, the new handbag that we got for xmas, our next holiday, but for some real people having a place to live is a struggle as well as the sheer living day by day.  i felt totally inspired and moved that Daisy has decided to make a film and expose her family’s life as homeless in the hope of spreading the dilemma.  halfway is a film in the making and needs some funding, every £1 helps. 

03Apr2014_0578 03Apr2014_0247

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