rejuvenating face oil

i remember the first time somebody suggested using an oil on my oily skin and i thought no way – now i can’t go to bed without massaging some oil on my skin, and since i started doing this about 8 years ago, i have seen such big improvements.  I swap around when one bottle ends, but still use the lovely oil that my daughter alice bought me one xmas – it really smells and feels wonderful and is full of natural ingredients – rosehip serum.– its especially nourishing when you have washed your hair and just get out of the shower – i always find your face gets really dry with the shampoos.

sadly merry from comfort and joy has stopped making her oil, but you can always make your own – it may seem expensive in the beginning buying all the ingredients, but its more cost effective in the long run and then you know exactly what is in the product.  lovely debra made me a concoction that i have been using the last month, made of avocado oil, argan oil, rose hip oil, almond oil  and scented with rose damascus and geranium- and makes a wonderful gift.  dont forget to put in a bottle that is dark, so that the oils do not go off in the sunlight.

if your skin is feeling a bit parched during this cold and  wintry weather, then a couple of drops of secret essence, face and decolletage oil by Rosa Fina, Barefoot Botanicals, with its fragrant hint of rose really seals in the moisture and adds a glow –  mix a couple of drops with your moisturiser day and night.

another secret given to me by Pip, my forever youthful muse is dr hauschka moisturising mask – you can pop this onto your lines throughout the day and they miraculously seem to fade away!

a very cheap alternative is coconut oil – which seems to be THE oil of the moment – use it on your heels, to soothe joints, to moisturise hair, just about anywhere, as well as its culinary uses.  i now cook the stir fry vegetables in coconut oil, apparently healthier.


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