the sad thing about your children growing up is that you lose that cute little thing to sit on your knee and read stories to – the bonus is that you gain a friend and colleague!  alfie asked me to see a film with him last night, birdman – mind you, i was second choice, his girlfriend couldn’t go, but nice to be asked.   i have mixed feelings about the film, i absolutely loved the camerawork – a bit disturbing and annoying in the beginning, but then the long moving shots which looked like the whole film was shot in one single shot became intriguing.  i hated the characters, no sympathy for any of them, but loved the acting – particularly emma stone.  worth seeing – but i think you will either hate or love it, seems to be a hit with young kids!

sadly our orange weds is due to end, but my local odeon does a cheaper ticket for all times of the day on mondays to thursdays – definitely worth watching films on those days.

6_flying_birds_heart bird_0096 (1)


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