what to do with clutter?  i have kept a store for a few years, just to store boxes of accounts, negatives, photos, kids drawings and just about everything that used to be under the bed!  but as the price has gradually risen to a point that its equivalent to a holiday, i have decided to replan and throw away unnecessary stuff.  i am trying out a new company lovespace, who pick up your boxes for you and bring them back on request – they charge by the box, and so this makes you think, do you really need to keep this box.  if you commit to a longer period, they reduce the price, so i shall keep you posted on how this system works out.  definitely what appeals to me is that you are not lugging heavy boxes back and forwards.

bad move to take my husband with me to help – he just looked at things and said, why are you keeping this? from kids drawings at nursery, photos (boxes of them), memory boxes (all my momentos that i have either collected or people have sent me photos of their kids, to notes that the kids or robert have sent me), books that we have no room on the shelves to store, xmas decs and old accounts – i was shocked at how much stuff a family can accumulate!  roberts mother collected all the articles and pieces of newspapers that robert had written about or been in since he was 19 years old – which he promptly threw in the paper recycling – sentimental nonsense he labelled it, but the kids told me to sift out – so last night i rummaged through the paper recycling to recover!  so here we are back to boxes all around the house ready to be shoved under the beds again!



7 thoughts on “clutter

  1. When my sister was ill couple of years ago I had a massive clear out of my stuff!! Kept a small box of kids treasures but still have 5 large boxes of photos!!! Did me good to clear out though. Have never regretted it. My husbands like yours, sentimental rubbish. I don’t know if my kids would keep anything I’ve kept but I just feel if I’m not here I’ll never know!! It is actually nice to be able to ‘see’ I. My wardrobe and Hoover under the bed!!! Mind you, I’ve noticed hubby’s cycling gear has moved into ‘ spare ‘ wardrobe!!!


  2. I really hate the feeling that I’m at war with clutter, I’m wondering if I could just embrace it rather than fight it? I definitely like the cabinet of curiousities way of organising things, so nice objects are all in one place rather than scattered collecting dust. And a wall of books and magazines (years of World of Interiors) makes good insulation doesn’t it!


  3. Very funny post! I cleared out under my bed before xmas (argh the dust!) and found amongst other things, I still kept payslips from my first job! WHY would I do this! My son has OCD so not too much rubbish allowed in the house apart from my own, clearly! xx


  4. Hi Christina, Happy New Year!
    Re your storage post, I have a book for you to read: ”The life changing magic of tidying up’ by a Japanese writer called Marie Kondo. It is really helpful to read through before sorting through your house, and helps to think about why we hold onto things. Hope all is well. Pam


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