no excuse for me, triyoga has moved to brand new premises 5 mins walk from my house – the new building has 4 studios, treatment rooms, cafe – it looks great.  today, new years day hosts a few classes that you dont pay for, but just donate to their charity.  i intend to restart with yoga and pilates this year – i have definitely missed the lengthening and stretching qualities that these classes bring to your body – walking and cycling are great aerobic exercises, but your joints and legs seem to become tighter. why not try  keah lan  for destressing, she works at triyoga as well as privately at other places – she will also come to you – her reflexology is amazing!  she gave my girls a treatment and they say its the most relaxing treat ever!

RETKeah Lan Refelxology 307 RETKeah Lan Refelxology 285 RETKeah Lan Refelxology 258 REtKeah Lan Refelxology 177 RKeah Lan Refelxology 124

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