as usual i have lots of new intentions which i know by the beginning of the year will soon fade away. life is sweeping past,  its another year -my children are all growing up and leaving home, friends are leaving and babies are being born, but what i  am thankful for is health, family and happiness. learning to dance will be my resolution this year, and here are a few things that i will be bearing in mind….

generosity of thought

kindness of heart

patience of mind

selflessness in spirit

loyalty and friendship

my friend amanda bought me a lovely inspiring book, daily rituals – examining the daily routines of more than a hundred writers and artists – it shows that it takes effort, hard work and determination to create a successful piece of work – of course there are some who it comes naturally to, but for most its about dedication. i think this means that if you really want something and put your mind to achieving it, you are almost there…….. i loved what Philip Larkin said-

‘my life is as simple as i can make it.  work all day, cook, eat, wash up, telephone, hack writing, drink, television in the evenings. i almost never go out. i suppose everyone tries to ignore the passing of time- some people by doing a lot, being in california one year and japan the next.  or there’s my way – making every day and every year exactly the same. probably neither works. ‘

wishing you all a joyous and healthy 2015 and may it bring everything you wish for!

2015Big Bang Dress & Bonfire Dress4819 Bonfire Dress4857

2 thoughts on “intentions

  1. A lovely piece Christina. I am in a similar position, as you know, with my children growing and moving too. May I wish you and your family the same sentiments you and Robert so eloquently express for 2015 Mx


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