boxing day

did you know that boxing day was originally the day that servants and tradespeople received their gifts or xmas boxes from their employers?  sometimes their boxes would include leftover food as well as a gift and a bonus.   nowadays we associate boxing day with football matches, sale shopping and visiting friends and family that we missed on xmas day!  i start a box full of stuff for charity that i dont need any more – with all the new lovely xmas gifts to house, my policy of ‘one in one out’ kicks in, usually this happens when all the cupboards and drawers are brimming with so much stuff you can’t open them without things falling out.

here was our xmas dessert, made by maude the night before – mary berry’s xmas log – this year maude simply dusted the log with icing sugar and seated a bird on a few flower heads.


every year there is an argument – i want a picture of the 3 kids and they are all very unwilling – nobody wants to get out of their pyjamas, they are watching something on tv and this year alfie had a hair trim 5 mins before sitting down to dinner – imagine cleaning all that oriental hair spiking the floor and the bathroom just before you are about to eat xmas dinner!  anyhow, reluctantly i managed to get my annual pic of all my beautiful children, who are now growing up so fast and leaving home………

kids25Dec2014_0040 kids25Dec2014_0039 kids25Dec2014_0037


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