furoshiki wrapping

back to being eco and inventive – another gift that yuki bought me – a 1950’s scarf especially intended for furoshiki – i didnt know much about it, though i did photograph something similar for jane brockets stitching book.  its actually a beautiful idea especially if you find old vintage silk scarves to use and then donate that as part of your gift – you can find some lovely ones, relatively cheap on portobello market

once i watched the you tube, i was fascinated – how delightful to be able to pay for something in a shop, take out your scarf and make a bag to take your purchase home in!  its eco, green and makes you look super talented – better get practising.  in the meantime, you can give any square piece of fabric, but i did notice in brixton village there was a great african shop – african queen selling batique materials.
this year my xmas wrapping is simply dark navy tissue paper, lace sellotape, brown luggage labels and striped bakers cotton – i can’t believe that you can wrap for over 4 hours at xmas time and yet I dont seem to get any better, in fact the presents seem to be messier the more that i do!

_MG_2102 Sashiko_103


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