eating in venice

we have been to venice at least 5 times in the last 20 years and yet each time feels like we make a new discovery – by staying in different areas, it means that you explore new alleys and squares – of which there are so many in venice.  we stayed at londra palace this time, just a few blocks away from St Mark’s Square and close to the famous Danieli Hotel.  Robert has never fancied the Danieli, despite its wonderfully atmospheric entrance and reception – apparently the rooms are not so comfy and its very overpriced and you can always drop into have a drink at any time of day – its a great place to stop for a pre dinner drink.    kirker travel recommended this hotel and it certainly was excellent service, our room had an amazing view and the food was delicious and it was perfectly situated.   it was so romantic waking up with the sun rising over the gondolas.

14Dec2014_0101 14Dec2014_0102

we arrived late on a sat evening, just in time for dinner in the hotel,  it was probably the best meal we had in venice and was reasonably priced for its quality.  waking up early on a sunday morning we decided to take a walk to st marks square before breakfast, again worth it as there was nobody there, just the restaurateurs setting up their chairs.

14Dec2014_0128 14Dec2014_0123 14Dec2014_0115 14Dec2014_0114 14Dec2014_0110

one thing to note in venice is that a lot of the well known restaurants close on a sunday and monday, so it meant us finding new places to eat.  we relied on our concierge, who recommended well – our favourite being al paradiso – other good restaurants are corte sconta, vecia cavana and Anticho Carampane, difficult to find, but wonderful food and atmosphere.  generally i do think that the food in a lot of the smaller trattorias is decent and pretty much similar, but there are a few higher end restaurants where the food is a little more special, but you do seem to pay for that difference.  remember that the speciality in venice is seafood and of course home made fresh pasta.



One thought on “eating in venice

  1. Great tips…I found it difficult to find somewhere to eat last year in December as I still like some buzz in the evening so I will make a note of the restaurants! xx


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