train over lido

one of the best views in venice is the journey from Venice Marco Polo airport by water taxi;  on the way in, you see Venice approaching like a jewel;  on your way home, you can take the more industrial route out and see the other side of Venice – the trainline that takes you to the mainland, the working boats,  the locals in their speedboats – it takes you back to another era.   you can either get a private water taxi, or share one with others to make it less expensive  i much prefer venice in the winter – less crowded, the light is beautiful, the cold mist much more romantic – and as part of my extended birthday treat, Robert booked a few days for us again.  we always book through Kirker Travel – they make travelling so much easier – somebody meets you at the airport and takes you to your hotel , none of the stress of finding your way from the airport and the hotels that they recommend are always of a high quality and we luckily always get a room with a view. it probably does cost a bit more, but its well worth it to have those guarantees.

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