fournier street

had the opportunity to work in another great spitalfields house recently – they are just such beautiful proportioned houses, with so much character.  the wood panelling and beautiful staircases are just stunning.  i do understand why they are all location houses – not only to maintain the upkeep and ongoing restoration of all the features, but because there are so few of them left now, and of course they are unique settings  for all types of photographs.  most of the houses are quite dark, mainly because they dont have gardens on the back, so they are quite close to their neighbouring buildings, but also because they are painted with dark shades of grey, taupe and blues.  my favourite colours are from paint library, fired earth, farrow and ball, little greene company, laura ashley – if you are interested in using eco friendly paint, then try earthborn;  for chalky finishes, try francesca’s paints,which has an interesting array of colours.  all the companies now do a georgian pallette range.

this particular location house had the most amazing roof terrace garden with the view of spitalfields chimey pots – it was an oasis of charm and  peacefulness.

2 thoughts on “fournier street

  1. I love Fournier street Christina and thanks to your suggestion always stay there when we go to London. I’ve thought about using our Regency house for location shoots, recently. Would you ever do it with your house, do you think? Or in your experience is the disruption just too much? Thanks again for all your great suggestions of things to do and places to go….still enjoying them.


    1. Hi Minky

      I do locations, and they are definitely disruptive, but as there is so much competition on the market now, they are not too often and the extra income definitely helps to the upkeep of the house.

      have a lovely xmas and thank you for your kind comments christina x


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