how to make just about anything…..

i bought a second hand sewing machine a few years ago from our local shop chapmans  that specialises in hoover repair and sewing machines – its a 70’s bernina and they gave me 10 years guarantee on it too, just to reassure me that this machine will go on and on and is trustworthy.  at first it was something to help me quickly take up the kids hems, maude likes things so short these days, the boys need their trousers reinforcing in places and my poor bedding gets so worn out in places that i decided to repair and restore, rather than throw away.  i must admit, i was partly inspired by Jane Brocket and her recycling and sewing bug- she in fact buys everything that people have discarded and turns them into wonderful works of art.   i did discover a cute little vintage shop in didsbury, manchester though, that recycles vintage clothes and makes new clothes out of old fabrics – junkshop . i notice that they also do sewing classes, which i will one day sign up for!  ray stitch is another recommended place for haberdashery, ribbons, fabrics  and sewing classes – looks lovely and there are a wide range of classes available from absolute beginners up – its a great gift idea to give to that person who has never sewn in their life!!  tea and crafting also looks like a very interesting place – you can do one off workshops, learn to knit, make a lampshade or a ring, or just about anything.   handmade by you is another interesting place in alfie’s antique market.

so with your ever growing list of things to do in the new year, you can add sewing classes – it may never happen, but at least the intention was there!


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