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my lovely friend michele who lives in new york pointed me towards this website, advanced style – a celebration of older folks with amazing and unique style – seeing that there will be more people over 50  in the world than under 50, it should be something we treat with seriousness – life after 50 does not mean that we dont like clothes, style or to be noticed, nor do we want to look young and thin-  we just want to be ourselves and be able to express our new found confidence!  when i look back at photos of myself young, i certainly didn’t realise how young and fresh and pretty i was, i was too caught up in all my insecurities – worrying what other people thought.   i wish i had the confidence then that i seem to have collected through experience and years.

another beautiful project to follow is ‘this is 50’ by the very inspiring photographer Kristin Perers –  Kristin and I were stylists around the same time and coincidentally both turned to photography at a similar time too – i can only aspire to take as many beautiful photographs as her.

here is a picture that i took of my mother recently – she is the lady standing up – she is nearly 80 years old – and the lovely smiling lady sitting down is her friend, a few years younger, but she and her husband walk a couple of miles to go and visit her – aren’t they beautiful, a far cry form the new york ladies!


4 thoughts on “advanced style

  1. Dearest Christina, Ive just read your blog on getting older with that wonderful photo of your mother and her friend. I found it so moving that you are now looking back on pictures of yourself as I presume a teenager and how lovely and pretty you were-and remain- but insecurities stopped you having the confidence to believe in yrself. What a wonderful picture if you could do it would be one of your mum with you and Paul.Id love to see that so much. Thank you for yr wonderful blogs.They make me curious because they are so stimulating,they sometimes make me cry and they are ALWAYS interesting. Thank you darlingXXXXX C

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  2. Ah thats a lovely picture…just brought a lump to my throat as Ive just been to visit my mother who is now in a home (my dad couldnt cope with her dementia) but she is much happier now which means we are happy! I know what you mean about old pictures! I look at my own and see how lovely I was and could KICK myself at how insecure I felt! Im much more confident now and sure of myself but that comes with age I guess…youth is wasted on the young they say but better late than never! Im still out and about buzzing around London! xx


  3. My mother came to London when she was 18, so when her dementia kicked in, I bought lots of dvds about London in the 50s and 60s. I also bought big glossy books about London during that time. They have brought her comfort and she loves watching them and flicking through the books. I also made her a photo album specifically outling who everybody is in the family..a visual family tree I guess. That never leaves her side as it helps her put together who is who. Its hideous, Dementia. BUT, if you find a period of time your mother was happiest in, and put together pictures, books and dvds, I have found this helps ease the panick. Not easy, but good to share knowledge and experience from somebody further down the line with it. I miss my


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