interior ideas

one of the pros of being a photographer is getting to see all these amazing locations – (or if you are my husband, you would say this is a negative as he hates change). if you are constantly sourcing ideas of how to change your house, update your kitchen, what colours to paint your hallway, or even what furniture to buy there are other options to buying interior magazines which is costly, trawling round the shops, trying to find things on the web – frustrating and tedious – then take a look at house locations sites, such as Light Locations, or 1st option – they are all beautifully done to a high standard, and allow you an insight to lots of different styles and looks. i also like looking at the site remodelista, which keeps you up to date with all aspects of design.

i am actually looking for vintage kitchen storage units and its not easy – I used to go to castle gibson on upper street, but they have since closed their shop, but you can still buy online. they have a great selection of industrial looking storage units, plus they have great locations for shooting photographs or for holding an unusual event.

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