sigmar polke and st pauls

i went to see the Sigmar Polke exhibition at Tate Modern – i loved the earlier years – the muted colours of the warhol like product paintings, and the dotted pop pictures  – and did Damien Hirst see Polke’s early spot picture?  –  i loved the way the spots were more hand painted than regular perfect spots.  i didn’t like the later years once he took his hallucinatory drugs – far too experimental for me.

why not go on a friday evening,  i love that galleries are open late it means that you can see some culture before dinner.



I can’t believe that i have never been round St Paul’s cathedral – i popped in, but realised that the entry fee takes you through the cloisters, into the upper galleries, and down the crypt so you have to give yourself a good couple of hours to take it all in – thats going to be one of the things to do in my new year list.  i notice that you can also have afternoon tea there – that sounds like my cup of tea.

stpaul2 stPaul3 stpaul tate

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