tin can

finally made it to tin can – the beautifully designed eatery by Amanda Levete – who would believe that sitting surrounded by walls clad with tins of fish would be so enjoyable and tasteful.  the food is a  simple concept – high quality fish, tuna, boquerones, mackerel, caviar served out of the tins, with fresh tasty bread and simple lettuce leaves and a sprinkling of herbs and seasonings in tiny bowls.   its actually v tasty and healthy – v tapas in style, though a little bit pricey – you have to realise that the quality is very high.  the chocolate fish for afters make a beautiful gift, if you can leave any left in the beautiful box.

kim and I had popped there for an evening snack after seeing a friends art show – Sarah Adams is showing at the Maas Gallery – her stunning cornish landscapes of rocks and crevices are accomplished works of the level of Turner – the whole exhibition sold out last night in 15 mins, but you can still view them until 29 November.  I know that you can’t compare many artists to Turner, but if you see Sarah’s paintings in life, you will appreciate the layers, the textures and the colours and with all the turner mayhem at the moment,  it seems appropriate to visit a contemporary artist who successfully employs the traditional skills of painting.  if you miss them, you can visit Sarah’s gallery in Padstow, which is where she lives and works from.

photofish tincan2 tincan


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