3 thoughts on “botanical drawing

  1. Christana just read yr blog of botanical drawing and if the pictures u showed are yours then I think u’re really talented.Theyre beautiful. I admire yr energy-3 hours I assume in the evening wld exhaust me but maybe they’re in the day time.ure very inspiring with yr music lessons,life drawing and so on.Well done and a lesson to all of us to find interests that we shld persue outside of the home.LoveX

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  2. Wow – really well done, I love botanical drawing too. I saw an exhibition in Oxford some years ago and fell in love with a savoy cabbage painting. I don’t think i have the patience.


    1. yes they are my drawings and 3 hours in an evening does exhaust you – am ready for bed once I get home! xx
      and Madeleine you would definitely have the patience – I usually do quick washes as I am afraid of being so patient, but its v therapeutic! and especially as you make those beautiful chandeliers, they need so much patience. x


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