camel estuary

02Nov2014_0100 02Nov2014_0083 02Nov2014_0075 02Nov2014_0062 02Nov2014_0054 02Nov2014_0044 02Nov2014_0038 02Nov2014_0037 02Nov2014_0031 01Nov2014_0196 view01Nov2014_0112if you are near padstow, then you have take a walk along the camel estuary – its actually a favourite for cyclists, but its equally as exhilarating taking a brisk walk in the autumn months.  i much prefer the scenery in the winter months – of course, i love blue skies and the colourful fields of flowers, but the misty clouds adds a mysterious romance to any landscape.   its always a long journey to cornwall, but its always worth the visit – luckily my best friends have moved there, so i shall be definitely making more than my once yearly trip down there.



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