circus brixton

just dropped off some of my xmas cards to circus in brixton village – its a lovely little shop full of interesting gift ideas, including ceramics by Fliff Carr and some lovely indian embroidered  bags that are ethnically made and of course my cards. each time i go, i try out  the different foods on offer, this time i tried the mama lan dumplings and the salted caramel brownies from federation coffee– delicious.  i managed to get lots of xmas presents today, a printed textile purse from circus by maude b, lots of lovely things from cornercopia and a vintage handbag from leftovers – so many victorian pieces in there.  brixton village is a good source of ideas for xmas presents – november is when i buy my gifts, i hate the rush of december – december is wrapping and writing cards time.

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cards for sale in Circus Brixton Village, if you can’t get there you can always buy online


2 thoughts on “circus brixton

  1. I start present buying as soon as Tom goes back to school after the summer hols! I HATE shopping in December and am OCD organised always regarding Christmas present buying! I have noticed however that I am buying more ‘selfhelp’ type books for my sisters and girlfriends..I am surrounded by women who are getting divorced which is so sad! Apparently, its called The Silver Splitters. It has made me pay more attention to my own marriage actually. I have 6 copies of India Knights book on my desk ready to be wrapped up! xx


    1. what a shame, but what a considerate thought – it does make you think about your own relationship and i am always thankful that i have such a loving and considerate husband; we all have our moments and being angry and judgemental to your loved ones is not always a good idea! thats why we make the effort to go away now and again without children and do nice things together – india knight’s son was in alfie’s class at school.xx


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