kew gardens

last week i went to kew gardens by myself – it was a lovely bright day and its one of my favourite places to walk around and take in the autumn colour.  its a great place to take young children, they love climbing the trees, walking the tree top walk and running through all the open spaces.  i still love the lily pond conservatory, and although one of the main conservatories is being renovated, there is still a lot to see and you can escape inside if there is a shower.  sadly, i didn’t realise that some of the galleries close on a monday, would have loved to have seen the botanical gallery.   have a look at the vegetable and herb garden too, there are some beautiful vegetables being grown there.  if you are lucky enough to live locally, then its great to have an annual pass so that you can pop in whenever you want, i saw lots of ladies sitting eating their sandwiches in there.

kew20Oct2014_0113  20Oct2014_0063 kew20Oct2014_0221 kew20Oct2014_0212 kew20Oct2014_0155 20Oct2014_0201 20Oct2014_0042



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