hey laura

one of my favourite songs, hey laura reminds me of tender moments of courting and growing up.  it was amazing to see Gregory Porter last night at the Royal Albert Hall – it was only a few months ago that I stood in a record shop in soho with him playing a few numbers !  it was the first night of a week of the blues fest  at the royal albert hall;  there are also daytime events with lots of different artists, so for a small fee you can walk around participating in everything music, listen to q and a’s and children under 14 go free.  tonight I am going to see Van Morrison, which will be a first time.


4 thoughts on “hey laura

  1. I am going to RAH today as I want to see Georgie Fame..looking forward to the day! Did think about Van but think he is a bit hit and miss live eventhough I love his music! xx


  2. great day at RAH! Saw Georgie Fame which was on my wish list. The unexpected surprise was Andy Fairweatherlow! I was completely taken aback by him! I only knew him from ‘wide eyed and legless’ song, (im 51) but my goodness…this man knows how to play…HOW did I not know this about him! Great day.xx


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