churches in london

its funny how you miss certain things, i had never noticed this church in the middle of covent garden – it was only recently i stumbled upon it.  my daughter went to see  midsummers nights dream there with her school – st paul’s church has its own theatre company, so look out for future productions.  the garden is haven in the midst of the bustle of the market .

churches now have to be very flexible with their uses – with high maintenance costs, they are all opening their doors to help pay the bills.

its lovely to walk around smithfields on a sunday when its quiet and explore – its strange how tranquil parts of london become on a weekend; but if you are there in the week, its good to visit st bartholomew the great – its a beautiful old church originating from the 12C – the cafe is open for breakfast and some evenings its open for cocktails – its very atmospheric! i saw a spectacular theatre performance there, so keep an eye out for events that go on there.

st lukes church in old street is a hawksmoor church that also holds lot of concerts and workshops, and its where the london symphony orchestra hold their rehearsals. natalie (alfie’s girlfriend) actually sang a solo there recently with the camden youth jazz band.

st pancras old church, which has been a place of worship since the 4th century, is another atmospheric church that holds concerts.


02Sep2014_0239 church_0238

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