slow roasted shoulder of lamb

all the kids love a sunday roast,  and now that 2 of them have left home, its a good draw to get them all home together. robert’s favourite sunday roast is slow roasted shoulder of lamb, which he slowly cooks for over 4 hours, so that the meat becomes almost caramelised on the outside, but falls off the bone.   he makes sure that the lamb is not sitting on the bottom of the baking tray, but lifts it up on a small grill,  and then adds incisions to insert rosemary and cloves of garlic to the lamb and bastes with olive oil. .   jamie oliver adds a tin of tomatoes and wine, but robert prefers not to do this, but makes his own gravy with the juices at the end.   try it, its  delicious and relatively easy dish.

maude has been so busy with school stuff, she hasnt been baking so much, but did make a lovely victoria sandwich, unusually she put the fresh cream on the top of the cake as well as in the middle.


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