ida – a film worth watching

winter seems to have arrived – autumn bypassed- i am  straight into coat and scarves after a glorious long summer;  spent a couple of days in manchester with my mother and  the weather was so warm we were lucky enough to be able to take her for a walk around the northern quarter and close by Debdale Park.  i dont think that i have been to a park (without a young child) in manchester since i was a teenager – unlike london which has many inner london sprawling parks, manchester seems to have a few – the best being Tatton park with its deer, tea house and adventure playgrounds, but this is a good half hour drive from the city centre.  the northern quarter is manchester’s answer to shoreditch – with its numerous cafes on edge street, home sweet home, and the craft and design centre close by, its a good place to choose to stroll around on a bright day.   the cornerhouse is the best independent cinema in manchester, showing the less mainstream films.  Elise and I decided to catch up with our films and we watched ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Ida’;  you know that i never read reviews, though i do take a look at the star ratings to get an idea.  gone girl kept me awake and strangely although it was good watching, it was far too long and unbelievable.  i shan’t say too much, but Rosamund Pike did play her part brilliantly.   Ida was exactly the opposite, its how i like my films, beautifully shot, heartfelt story, characters that i really want to know and feel compassionate for  – its a story that keeps you searching for answers – although its subtitled and in black and white, each frame was beautifully framed – its definitely my top film for this year.   i have to admit this past week, i have seen more films than i would normally see in a year!  robert and i were invited to the screening of northern soul by the talented photographer Elaine Constantine –  it was another blast down memory lane , especially for me as i remember my first outings as a teenager in all dayers at the ritz – i was not a soul girl, but the wonderful settings for the film are definitely nostalgic – the costumes, cars, music, dancing and props are all great.  for me though i always wonder why everyone tries to make everything gritty and edgy.   again the main actors are great and well cast and its definitely a film to see if you love music and fashion.


autumn leaves is one of the many designs that i made into art cards. 

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