i have had a whirlwind week already – moving my son into halls of residence, which left me in tears – i know he’s only half an hour away, but it’s the psychological moving out and a realisation that all my kids are growing up and leaving home.   however he did pop by for more clothes and asked if i would launder his ‘best’ clothes – bit worried about the industrial laundry room on the premises –  which suitably impressed me that he was going to be fine living in a shared room with a bunch of teenagers!

its definitely film season and i was utterly proud and hold immense admiration for my muse and friend pip (she was the first to sit for me when i started my photography)  to see her first film premiere , fourever at the rain dance festival – so not only is she a pretty face, but has managed to produce, direct and act in her first feature film and was accepted on her very first submission to the festival – i can only foresee an amazing future.  there is still another viewing tomorrow – be warned its not an easy film to watch, compelling and uncomfortable – a story about revenge.

and last night we watched ‘the  soul boys of the western world’ film – the story of spandau ballet, how they met, their rise to fame, their disputes and their reunion – its an amazing story  and an important historical documentation –  combining real film clips of the times with the  nostalgic history of the era.  i highly recommend it – its a love story for life.


2 thoughts on “fourever

  1. Ah Christina…I feel your pain! When my son went to boarding school (he has Austism) I felt like my life had come to an end. I physically felt the cord ‘snapped’! So upsetting! But to see our sons become ‘men’ is also the most beautiful thing to watch. I still go into Toms bedroom though and smell his tshirts when I feel teary about him! xxx


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