magic in the moonlight

woody allen always comes under such criticism – but i actually enjoyed this film – magic in the moonlight – its gentle, frivolous, with a charm that lightens your day.   i actually went to the cinema at 2pm on my own, the boys were watching football so the house had a stressful air that i wanted to leave behind ;  the cinema is at the end of my road and for some reason films seem to come and go so quick so i keep missing them.  going to the cinema in the middle of the day transports you from real life, especially if you choose a lighthearted romantic film like this one.   i particularly loved the costumes – 1920’s has to be one of my favourite eras – the delicate dresses are how i would love to dress every day.

Sugar Almond Dress (Peach and Green)_3542

2 thoughts on “magic in the moonlight

  1. such treat to go to cinema husband doesnt always want to see the same films and I often do this, nice way to get some ‘time out’ from everything! xx


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