just back from a whirlwind 2 days in Fes with robert – it was always somewhere that he had wanted to visit and we were not disappointed.  we booked through our usual agent Kirker travel, who recommended our hotel Riad Fes, and it was definitely a great choice.  road fez was a much needed haven and tranquil spot after busy, hot meanderings in the medieval city.  its nothing like marrakech,  more biblical, more real and less tourist driven – its  hard to believe that all this is less than 3 hours flight from london.  the labyrinth of narrow streets rising up and down inevitably means that you get lost – and it can be quite frustrating.  its a wealth of artisan and crafts, from copper pans, leather shoes, the infamous blue and white pottery and embroidery – you see it all there on the streets in stalls the size of a kitchen table.  the most striking sight were the tanneries, still working from their origins in the middle ages – take the sprig of mint to disguise the stench of the pigeon droppings used to bleach the hides before dyeing them.

what i love about using an agent is that everything is organised in advance, not only your flights and hotel, but someone to pick you up to and from the airport and take you to the hotel – note the medina of fes has no cars, so you are dropped off at the nearest gate of entry to your hotel and then you have to walk there – an impossibility to find on your first visit and especially if you arrive at night like we did.    there are of course, lots of smaller and inexpensive riads in the medina, it totally depends on your needs but Riad Fes has everything, hamman, swimming pool, restaurants, roof top terrace with views, character, comfort , tradition and style all housed in a beautifully restored palatial home.  what more do you need for 2 days?

20Sep2014_0109 20Sep2014_0108 tannery20Sep2014_0102 20Sep2014_0100  tannery20Sep2014_0092

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