ideas for planting

came back from morocco with so many innovative ideas about planting – i loved that one plant was used in mass to create a field of colour and fragrance – from white roses, jasmine, rosemary, lavender and aloe vera.  of course these were on a grand scale, but i am sure that you can replicate this in a small garden.   painting pots a vibrant colour can make a courtyard more exciting – or paint a single wall a brighter shade – not sure what i dare to do in london, but shall experiment.

22Aug2014_0526 22Aug2014_0755 azaren21Aug2014_0141 azaren21Aug2014_0138 azaren21Aug2014_0125 21Aug2014_0005 20Aug2014_0248 20Aug2014_0236  20Aug2014_0197 20Aug2014_0185 21Aug2014_0020 21Aug2014_000620Aug2014_0184 19Aug2014_0625

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