a couple of years ago, we went to the opening of openhouse, which was held in the bt tower – right at the very top where the revolving restaurant used to be.  Unfortunately no restaurant now, which is such a big shame, but the outer circumference section with the glass windows still revolves – quite slowly, but its still noticeable.  what an amazing view watching the sun set and seeing the whole of london change into twinkling darkness.   you must try and get to see some of the many buildings that have will open their doors this weekend – unfortunately you had to apply in advance by ballot for the bt tower, but its worth a try for next year.    apparently congress house, just behind tottenham court road is worth a visit and there is hardly a queue or the royal college of physicians in regents park – have a look at the list, there are always lots of interesting buildings open that are usually closed to the public.   take a look at openhouse junior too, these buildings are more aimed for younger children and cater for them with lots of activities to keep them occupied.

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