Nivaldo and Louise de Lima

i have always coveted the lovely soft leather bags from nivaldo and louise de lima, and now they are  making and sourcing furniture – anything from a re upholstered vintage find to one of their own personal designs – you can also commission them to re cover an old favourite chair!  they are truly a classic and become more beautiful with age!   am loving the beautiful pear wood chopping boards and Kuba textile cushions.

strangely i am not a handbag addict – i own a few lovely bags that my husband has bought me over the years, but my favourite buys are the vintage ones.  i have a beautiful waldy evening bag that i bought in pristine condition, with its own satin purse inside,  from kemptom market and a vintage hatbox case that i really do love – strangely i dont carry it on holiday with me, its just become part of my bedroom furniture.   i find that vintage bags are a fraction of the price of a designer handbag and far more beautifully made, with their little compartments for mirrors and lipsticks.  you will definitely find one in alfie’s antique market or grays antique market in perfect condition.

i always carry my globetrotter vanity case to our weekend retreats in the uk – sadly i use it to carry my 35mm camera, my mobile, a packet of kleenex and a lip balm!  hardly Elizabeth Taylor!  it reminds me of the classic scene in Rear Window when Grace Kelly whips her silk  evening dress out of her handbag together with a pair of pumps!  that has to be one of my fave films of all time.

vintage suitcase_0016

Maggie May Dress_4483

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