burro e salvia

everytime a shop closes in camden and a new one opens, i always wish it could be some lovely deli, or something useful and beautiful like burro e salvia in shoreditch.  sadly, our local cafe has become another estate agent!  i will have to keep wishing.

pip and i took our girls to shoreditch for the day, lunch at viet hoa, a bit of vintage shopping, blitz is a new find for the girls, and v reasonable. my favourite is hunky dory, where i spotted a beautiful 1930’s dress.  you must pop by aesop, not only do they sell lovely face products, but  they are having an exhibition of ceramic pots by studio potapota – i have a soft spot for ceramics and these pots sit beautifully with the design of the shop.  i can see a pottery class looming………..

shoreditch is a perfect area for both you and teenage girls to enjoy together – there is plenty for both age groups to see and its safe enough to let the girls wander in and out of the shops by themselves and then meet up later.  we finished with delicious cake at franze and evans – maude had courgette cake which was just delicious!

returning to pasta, yuki makes a tasty broccoli and anchovy pasta  – a quick and nutritious dish, perfect for when you have come home late from work and dont want to spend hours cooking.

chop some garlic finely, and put the pasta in boiling water to cook, penne  or fusili  are good for this recipe. after 8 mins, add the chopped broccoli to the pasta, which leaves both al dente when you drain after another 3 mins. heat some olive oil and add the garlic, a bit of chilli pepper (how much depends on your taste) and a tin of anchovies – you will find that the anchovies start to become a paste – once heated add to the drained pasta – delicious and it takes less than 15 mins to do the whole lot!  thank you yuki – you’re a star!

incidentally, broccoli is having its moment in nutrition history – i keep reading about its wonder properties, how it can prevent arthritis if you eat it daily, apparently its full of calcium and is a wonder vegetable.

whenever i go to a market now, i always think about the wonderful colourful souk in marrakesh.

22Aug2014_0641 market22Aug2014_0640 rose20Aug2014_0323 lavender20Aug2014_0322



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