tattoo artists

monday was a lovely day to spend in the courtyard of somerset house, though they are preparing for london fashion week;  the weather was hot and sunny and the lemon cake from  fernandez and wells delicious.   we popped into see the artwork of 70 influential tattoo artists all specially commissioned for this exhibition;  personally I am not in favour of tattoos and hated it when my daughter came home with one, but i am slowly coming round to the fact that its a trend amongst the young today who see body art as normal.

today i took alfie to see ‘To kill a mocking bird” in Regents Park open theatre – it was equally as warm and sunny, in fact too sunny for a matinee performance if you are sat in the sun, so take a hat.  its an interesting production and  if you do get a chance to see it – i know that there are only matinee performances left, its definitely worth it.  the theatre itself is not too big, so even the cheapest of seats gives you a great view.  it did make me wonder what happens if its pouring with rain though, not even the stage is under cover.

tattoo08Sep2014_0015 08Sep2014_0013 08Sep2014_0002



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