berber eco museum

i absolutely loved my visit to the berber eco museum just outside of marrakesh – set in a tiny village as you start your accent to the atlas mountains, its been beautifully restored to show life of a traditional berber dwelling.  the rugs displayed are a beautiful insight of the traditions and stories woven into threads to keep for a lifetime.   you learn about the meaning of all the symbols, what each one represents and eventually you can tell the story behind the rug, maybe its a gift for a happy matrimonial event, or sometimes a gift to console the death of a child – its all there to be deciphered.   it has to be on your list of things to do if you go to marrakesh.

i still have never made it to the fashion and textile museum in bermondsey street – but will definitely try to make it for the knitwear exhibition that starts on 19th september.

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