Out With The Old, In With The New

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Robert ElmsThe Way We Wore has been available as an ebook through Autharium for a month. Originally released on July 31 2014, Elms’ fashion memoir represents two landmarks for Autharium. One, it’s the first time we’ve published one of those celebrity types, and two, it was planned for a long time that The Way We Wore would be the first book we publish in physical form. Yes you heard us right. Autharium has broken out of the digital world and onto paper.

Some members of our community have been calling for the option for sometime so we thought the acquisition of Robert Elms would be a brilliant opportunity to try our options. We’re still effectively in beta, as it were, with the experiment but if everything goes well we may very well be offering the service more widely.

To celebrate this landmark both for Robert and Autharium, we’re…

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