walking and parks

with all the lovely weather we had, i have started to walk into town – i am lucky enough to have regents park so close and it easily takes me through to the west end. not only do i get to take in the wonderful views but it also gives me the much needed exercise – beats going to the gym. its wonderful that london is filled with parks, you can get from one end of london to another by walking through all the parks; start at hampstead, go through primrose hill, then through regents park, wander through hyde park and end up in green park and st james – not forgetting all the wonderful cafes you would have to stop at too.  i recently read that if you walk for 40 mins a day it reduces the risk of stroke and heart attacks – so ditch the car for short journeys and buy yourself a good pair of walking shoes.

after being away, you realise how lucky we are in london to have so many parks and open squares – vejer has only one tiny park near its car park, whereas seville has the famous maria luisa park.  of course, i have just been to the wonderful majorelle gardens in marrakesh, but this is a fee paying park.

Kenwood House is probably consistently the best for cakes, but also has great breakfast, the Garden Cafe in Regents Park, situated in the middle of the lovely rose garden is another good stopping place, have a drink at the Serpentine Cafe, and Oliver Peytons Inn the Park, in St. James Park is a lovely setting for afternoon tea or dinner. dont forget to pop into the new temporary cafe in the annual architectural pavilion at the serpentine – its on til mid october 2014. wonder if you can do this all in one day?

market22Aug2014_0673 20Aug2014_0385


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