oranges and honey

the deli/convenience store that has always been in town and run by a local has reopened as a high quality ham and deli counter- it had closed during the winter months; i think that during this time businesses in spain really do suffer and with the increasing amount of discount supermarkets springing up around the area, competition is high. i notice that there are lots of budget hypermarkets now, and andalucia does seem to have a high proportion of unemployment and so locals are choosing these rather than their local ‘corner’store. like the weather changes so fast in vejer, so do the shopkeepers – another little deli has opened, ajonjoli – a tiny shop selling one type of goats cheese, morrocan bread and mixed grain rolls, moroccan sweet pastry, figs and local jams; the choice is little, but everything useful. alongside ya en tu casa and the spice lady in the fruit market, they offer a select choice of everyday culinary items – fingers crossed that they survive another winter.  i think that rather compete with the supermarkets, they have all decided to go more upmarket and appeal to the tourists.

did you know that eating a spoonful of local honey is also meant to be a good remedy for hayfever ? when in london i buy the local regents park honey and it does seem to help – search for your local honey, you will be surprised to see how many of your local parks creates its own honey. you can buy regents park honey from Melrose and Morgan. its expensive, but then i find that most good honey is expensive. remember to buy your own local honey though to your area for treating hayfever. whilst i am here in vejer, i can buy a variety of local honeys, including a propolis one. honey seems to be something of a local delicacy in andalucia. oranges trees line a lot of the public sidewalks – so they are always available in abundance in the market for juicing.


a new artisan shop has opened, antigua correo – as you can guess from spanish translation, its in the old post office, just behind our house on calle bueno – selling crafts products from around the world, including rugs from morroco, jewellery from columbia, throws from south america, and some lovely photographic books – its lovely to see this rather than the usual souvenir gifts that spring up around this region.  there is also the little shop attached to the restaurant merengo, selling beautiful towels from turkey, some hand made ceramics and jewellery.

22Apr2014_0008 22Apr2014_0006 22Apr2014_0004



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