have now arrived in spain with my family for our annual summer holiday – rather later than usual, but fortunately Maude starts school later this year.  its still v hot, over 35C, so venturing to the beach is not to be advised in the mid day.  we tend to go for a late lunch, then by the time you go for a swim and sit on the beach its after 4.30, when its cooling down, but you can still feel the warmth.   of course we visited our favourite restaurant in conil, la fontanilla – great fish simply grilled, salad and calamares.   but as always things spring up, and especially in the summer months, so its good to try and discover new things.  for the first time we ventured to the far end of el palmar beach, technically this part is named mangueta (its also where there are more nudists), but its definitely more family at this time of year.  we ate lunch at one of the chiringuitos that only open during the summer months. Chiringuitos, are small bars or stands that can be seen the length of the Spanish coast, usually on the beachfront.  There are different types, some selling cold beverages and others that are much more elaborate and may serve meals.   Some of the most typical treats on offer are paella and sardines, although the variety depends on the place   .gurugu , just past la chanca restaurant is a vibrant restaurant/bar, serving more modern food – not too pricey, the food was quite good, especially the noodles with vegetables.  its also less busy at this part of the beach, though as september approached, you definitely notice that the whole area becomes less crowded.

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