a room for london

was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to stay in the unique ‘a room for london’, moored on the roof of the queen elizabeth hall on busy south bank – it was one of those experiences of a lifetime.  it was a bright, breezy evening and the view was just amazing.  the best time was at 5am – when the light was dawning, the lights still twinkling and london as quiet as it can ever get.   it really was like staying in a boat, but without the sea sickness and rocking, but you can hear the wind billowing, the boats steaming past, the laughter of passerbys and the music of venues close by.  we ate dinner at the oxo tower – it was my 2nd time, but after a delicious starter, the main course was disappointing, but the desserts worth waiting for.  quite pricey though ! for breakfast robert went to the local le pain quotidian for croissants which we enjoyed in our cabin – its definitely one of those stays that makes a unique celebration.  living architecture have a few of these unusual places, a couple in dungeoness, another one of my favourite places and one near blakeney.

incidentally, this was my vintage skirt purchase from POP vintage the other day for £25.

17Aug2014_0047 16Aug2014_0086 16Aug2014_0055 17Aug2014_0026 17Aug2014_0019 16Aug2014_0060 robert17Aug2014_0038room16Aug2014_0120


2 thoughts on “a room for london

  1. We recently stayed in the Shingle House. Would thoroughly recommend it. They have an impact on you these houses, though not sure I’d like to live permanently in them: prefer my Georgian!


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