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I have been hunting for a new dress for a big occasion, but having searched all the stores and shops around town, then scouring the internet with net a porter and matches, I came to the conclusion that it was more special and cheaper to buy a high end vintage dress from william vintage.  i have mentioned this lovely shop before, but had never actually had the experience of trying on beautiful vintage ‘couture’ clothes.   you have to make an appointment, together with their seamstress who can alter or adapt your dress to your body.  i took Robert with me – he is always a good judge of what suits me and what doesn’t.  i had looked beforehand on their website and found one dress that i particularly liked, but actually this dress didn’t suit me, but there are lots of different styles, not on the website and definitely more affordable (lesser known designers).  so i now own a ceil chapman dress, beautifully crafted, fitting perfectly and unique too at half the price of a modern designer dress.   it was also a lovely shopping experience having your own personal dresser and alteration, its how shopping should be!  william vintage is just in marylebone around the corner from my 2 favourite haberdashery shops, the button queen and v w rouleaux.  

of course i had to google ceil chapman once i got home – i had never heard of her, but she was an american fashion designer who worked mainly in the 1940’s and 50’s designing glamorous cocktail and party dresses for actresses.  i noticed some famous names wearing her dresses including marilyn monroe, grace kelly and elizabeth taylor!!!

on another scale i bought a lovely printed 50’s skirt form pop vintage on monmouth street for only £25 – its not an event number, but its perfect to throw on a daily basis and at that price you can resell once you are bored of it.

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3 thoughts on “william vintage

  1. I have just looked at the Celia Chapman link and my heart is thumping with joy looking at the dresses! What a brilliant idea…I have 3 weddings to go to over the next 12months and I have fallen in love with the red dress with floating cape. WOW. Yes I also want to see ‘the dress’!! Great link, excellent, thank you! xx


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