chicken shop

finally made it the chicken shop below pizza east – everyone had gone on about how delicious it was, so robert and i thought we would have a try.  it was quite disappointing, in fact, robert says that nandos is much better!  (he has a tradition of going there before football with the boys).   its obviously much more tasteful sitting in the chicken shop surroundings though, i notice that there are more pizza east/chicken shops popping up.

if you ever get stuck in westfield and need to eat, then i always go to Pho – tasty vietnamese food – quick and inexpensive.  my favourite vietnamese though is viet hoa in shoreditch – a family run restaurant, recently spruced up (i actually preferred it old fashioned), but the food is still tasty and fresh .  we went there recently on our way home from the flower market, dodging the torrential downpours.

Details_17May2014_0066 Details_17May2014_0064 Details_17May2014_0058 Details_17May2014_0056

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