some like it hot

what a lovely chap Jack is – i dont know how to describe him, he is my daughter’s boyfriend of 6 years, so he isn’t my son in law yet, boyfriend in law?  anyhow, he asked whether robert and i were around this week and then told us to meet him outside waterloo station on the steps up to the main entrance.  he didn’t give us any more clues, felt like i was on an old fashioned date.  jack walked us along the south bank to the BFI and sat us down and bought us drinks and then handed us tickets to see ‘Some like it Hot”, and then off he trotted, leaving us on a romantic date.  what a pleasant surprise and what a lovely gesture !  whenever we leave the bfi we always wonder why  we dont come more often – old age brings on laziness and we pop  to our local odeon, which is faceless and not at all an entertaining experience .  we had both seen the film before on TV, but we had forgotten what a masterpiece of a comedy it is – Jack Lemmon is just so funny and seeing it on the big screen is an event in itself.

love all these buses converted into eating places on the south bank, especially frozen yoghurt – its my guilty pleasure at the moment, sure its loaded with sugar though.

southbank15Mar2014_0005 (1)bfiphoto_1


One thought on “some like it hot

  1. what a LOVELY thing for somebody to do for you! He sounds like a ‘keeper’!I like the sound of that, I love Some Like It Hot…so funny! x


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