i let the house for photo shoots now and again – it sounds easy money, but its a lot of disruption and if you stick around and watch them, you will be appalled at how much they move around and what they put in your home.  you really have to just go out and let them get on with it – its pretty good money though and very slight wear and tear on your house.  just think about how it pays a big house bill!  this week we had a film company for 2 days, so it meant early start, late finish, meals out all day and lots of film stuff all over the house.  there are lots of location agencies out there, light locations, amazing spaces, shoot, lavish locations, carole hayes- lots of competition, but there is always the need for location houses, so its worth a go.
one of the fun aspect of my job is visiting all these new locations -its also a great insight into other peoples lovely houses – you can get great ideas, especially if you need to change a room or kitchen, or you can end up  feeling  quite simply miserable that you dont live in one of these houses!  fresh locations definitely has a good eclectic selection- you can just go online and browse all the different houses.  do bear in mind, that these photos are all set up – things are tiided, furniture moved, people really dont live like that – well very rarely!


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