russian photography

finally managed to take maude to the photographer’s gallery – 15 is that funny age, they dont want to be with you, but they are interested in other things, they spend a lot of time on their computers, sleep in when they can, stay up late and eat a combination of pure junk and healthy things too.  maude made some healthy snack bars from almonds and cashews, but they were covered with dark chocolate!  the early russian photography is worth seeing, all those old hand tinted prints  showing the clothes and lifestyle- so beautiful and the early collages so typical of russian design.   we bought a reconditioned olympus trip 35mm, 70’s one for maude to start using film  for her art projects – she was using my old poloroid camera, but unfortunately the film is SO expensive.   the shop in the basement has a good selection of photography books and some camera stuff that inspires the younger ones to start using film.   i know that robert bought me my bert hardy print from the photographers gallery – they have a good selection of vintage prints for sale .



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