truro and falmouth

the good thing about returning to a place that you are familiar with is that you make more of an effort to explore other places in the area.  truro was somewhere i have visited a lot, but only the train station – its one of the main stations from london and serves most of south cornwall.  it was lovely to go to the market there, especially on flower day – there were not only lovely plants for sale, but delicious home baked cakes to eat too.    its quite a big town with a mix of high street shops and some independent shops, especially around the church.    but my favourite discovery was falmouth.  i have always heard that falmouth has a great art college, so good for students to go to, but i loved its position on the estuary, with its numerous boats.  there are  lots of independent shops, obviously aiming at students, so quite affordable.   my favourite little shop is kinfolk, a co operative of artists selling hand woven baskets, hand made pots and hand carved spoons and Jam, a great little cafe selling records and coffee in a retro surroundings.  next door you can buy the best bread from stones bakery.   falmouth reminded me of hastings and fowey – its definitely one of those towns that i would love to explore again.

falmouth31Jul2014_0260  31Jul2014_0264 falmouth31Jul2014_0271 falmouth31Jul2014_0272 31Jul2014_0275 31Jul2014_0277 falmouth31Jul2014_0282



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