list of my desires

its 4 hours on the train home from cornwall – perfect timing for a nap and a good read – List of my Desires is a wonderful heartwarming tale of what we value in life and the pursuit of happiness – its beautifully poetic,  like a fable and is a very easy read.  it was suggested to me by my lovely friend Pip, who also read it in a day – its one of those books that you cant put down til you have finished.  now i need another book for my holidays……

Serpentine Skirt & Morning Jane tee, white879




2 thoughts on “list of my desires

  1. Im also looking for books for my holiday, I have now downloaded List of my Desires! I really want another book like Dear Nina as I did love it so but cant really find anything or anyone I am interested enough in to read their diaries! I have just red Tamara Mellon..In My Shoes….I thoroughly enoyed that actually. Alan Johnsons book was also very good, bit depressing at times but such an inspirational man….xx


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